Connecting Communities

Kumon Y’all focuses on connecting communities through its Let’s Unite and Love Thy Neighbour projects. Our main objectives are to show compassion and positivity to the public through small sentiments such as food, balloons, conversation, smile and laughter. We break down barriers creating conversations and listening to people’s problems and utilising the energies of young people to serve them.

Read below about the impact these events have on our young people about recent Love Thy Neighbour projects:

“I think it was a great way to fight the prejudice against Muslims and show people that Islam is more about spreading peace and joy than anything else” – Rumaisa

“I was proud to be part of such a great community event. To see all the smiles that everyone faced showcased how our efforts didn’t go to waste. Islam is a peaceful religion unlike how it is portrayed in the media regularly” – Safiyyah Ali

“The project was a great success. People were willing to start a conversation with us about our youth organisation and everyone enjoyed giving food and hot drinks to others” – Arooba Kiani